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Used Centrifuges

Used Centrifuges

Our experience over 50 years as builders of centrifuges and our deep knowledge of the industries where these devices are used, allow us to have a large stock of used centrifuges, refurbished or ready to be reconditioned .

 Our customers historically and moved by their interest in replacing, expand or improve its stock of centrifuges have in our collaboration and advice, a great ally in the time to consider the substitution of a centrifuge.

 Our dedication to service, in each case will lead to a detailed study of his state, of the potential for refurbishment and normative updating over the equipment or a quick assessment.

 We can cover a wide range of equipment with our stock. Also we can locate any specific equipment, in a short space of time.

41.DSC01537-4850.JPG Used Centrifuge COMTEIFA FT-10-B

42.DSC00920-5658.JPG Used and Refurbished Centrifuges COMTEIFA FT-12-B

43.DT_-_4_-_B-0350.JPG Used CentrÝfugeCOMTEIFA RT-4-BD

44.DT_12-0820.JPG Used Centrifuges COMTEIFA ě 1200mm . Inertia plate

45.FT_-_12_-_B_2-0518.JPG Used Centrifuge COMTEIFA ě 1200mm

47.RT-2-3410.JPG Centrifuge. Pilot plant COMTEIFA ě 200mm

49.Rina_1250-2413.JPG Used/refurbished centrifuge. COMTEIFA ě 1250mm

51.BRPX_213_SGP_con_cuadro_electrico-3036.JPG Used Alfa Laval Separator Centrifuge. BRPX 213 SGP

52.FT-12-BG-3832.JPG Used/Refurbished Centrifuge COMTEIFA FT-12-BG

53.Broadbent_1250_con_Rascador-5633.JPG Used Broadbent centrifuge 1250mm diameter, with scraper. E Series

58.BRPX_207_TGT_14_CEFR__3_-5657.JPG Used Alfa Laval Disk Centrifuge BRPX207

KRAUS_MAFFEI_Hz_1000Ph__3_-0825.JPG Used Peeler Centrifuge, Krauss Maffei Hz 1000 Ph.

kraus_maffie_11-4532.jpg Used Kraus Mafei Centrifuge SZ-70, Pusher type .

la_foto__4_-2437.JPG Used Centrifuge ě 1000 mm by decanting

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