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Nutsche Filter Dryers

Nutsche Filter Dryers

Nutsche Filters. Suitable for pressure filtration, "re-slurry" washing. Smoothing and washing of the cake by displacement, vacuum drying and discharge of the product.

 In the area of production per batch in chemical industry and pharmaceutical, vacuum drying is without any doubt the most efficient method to obtain dry solids from wet cakes filtered or centrifuged.

 The design may include: Fixed or removable flat bottom, closures with various options, various types of filter media, discharge systems for wet or dry and different models of agitators.

 Double mechanical seal wet, dry or "lift-off." Side discharge port with an O-ring. Heating system, cooling and inerting. PLC automation system. Materials in contact with the product: AISI 316L, SAF 2205, Uranus B6, Hastelloy C22, Titanium and many more, at your request.

 Our filters can be grouped by model FPP filters (filter surface area up to 16m2) and filter dryers FPP models / SD (filter surface areas up to 15m2) and FPP / XD (filter surface areas up to 10m2).

48.Nucha_Pilot_no_utilitzada-0415.jpg Filter FPP - Filtrodry FPP/XD - Filtrodry FPP/SD

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